Wednesday, March 28, 2012

School and Soccer

It is only 3rd hour and people are already starting to make me mad. Some girl thinks because she missed school yesterday she should have the teacher re-teach everything that he taught yesterday to the class for her. There is this another really annoying girl in my class who talks so loud and she feels like everyone needs to listen to her converstaion when really nobody wants to. She talks about the stupidest things and about things that arn't real, she is unbelievable.We have a sub and he doesn't know how to stop talking and I can't focus with his mouth running 24/7. He is a nice teacher and everything but really stop talking. Yesterday I had a soccer game against Grand Ledge and we tied 1 to 1. My team didn't play very good in the first half, we were not playing like we wanted it and we all looked dead. In the second half we pulled it together and worked 10 times harder then we did the first half. Hopefully we will pull ourself's together and win the rest of our season.

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